Mishoo's new blog

Welcome! I'm Mihai Bazon and I'm running a blog since 2001. This is its third inception, powered by Common Lisp. You can also find me on Mastodon, Twitter, Github and GMail/GTalk. Also, my old blog is still accessible but will not be updated any more.

Latest entries

Stuff I work(ed) on

  • UglifyJS — JavaScript parser, compressor, mangler / beautifier toolkit.

  • Sytes — a Common Lisp tool for writing simple websites like this one.

  • SLip — a Lisp compiler and environment that works in a browser.

  • Ymacs — A (very) Emacs-like editor that works in a browser.

  • Xuheki — A Web-based email client.

  • DynarchLIB — A Web-based UI toolkit. Powers SLip, Ymacs and Xuheki.

  • Tweeg — A Twig to JS compiler.

  • QUEEN — Chess utilities for Common Lisp.

Emacs stuff

Emacs is my oldest companion software. We've been together for 18 years.