About this website

This website runs on Linux (5.12.13-arch1-1), powered by SBCL (2.3.7). Nginx is used to serve static files and to proxy dynamic requests to the Lisp software. PostgreSQL is used for the database.

Many Lisp libraries are used directly or indirectly in running this site, here's just a few of them in no particular order:

Thank you guys for sharing all this great software!

More info

There's two kinds of pages, some are static templates stored on disk, like the SLip and Sytes section, and others are editable (the blog). I'm using Ymacs to edit blog pages directly in the browser.

Though it might seem rather static, there's a lot of JavaScript going on in this website and if you don't have JavaScript enabled it's likely you won't see it the way I intended, and you won't be able to post comments to the blog pages.

Eventually I want to publish the full source of this site, but I'd like to do some cleanups first. (Famous Last Words™)